How can your city benefit with VDQ-NRG?


Current waste management programs to reduce and recycle waste have seen limited success. Blue bin programs give people a sense of environmental responsibility without solving the problem. Any waste that cannot be effectively recycled ends up in a landfill. We use landfills because we lack a better solution. Landfills are expensive to maintain and even more expensive to replace. They leach toxins into the soil and pollute the atmosphere. They are unsightly, give off undesirable odours and make poor neighbors. Landfills may be out of sight and out of mind, but we cannot afford to overlook their repercussions.


We can solve your waste problem and bring your city revenue and jobs!


The VDQ-NRG waste reprocessing facility transforms your waste management system. It processes up to 90% of landfill waste into energy and industrial materials by using thermo-chemical technology. The materials will generate revenue as they are sold and returned to the circular economy. The VDQ-NRG solution will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, benefiting the environment and potentially leading to GHG credits.


VDQ-NRG partners with communities and places with waste problems to build waste reprocessing facilities. A shared revenue model increases the financial viability of the projects, with both the market partner and VDQ-NRG receiving revenue from the completed facility. 


For our model city of about 150,000 people the VDQ-NRG waste reprocessing facility will process 100,000 tons of waste per year. The city will receive over 5 Million in revenue annually. The facility will create over 50 jobs and is expected to have an indirect job creation of 150 jobs.  Greenhouse gas should be reduced by over 100,000 tons, which is the equivalent of removing 25,000 cars off the road. This model is scalable down to 30,000 people and there is no scale-up limit.

Benefits to Your City

  • New revenue sources
  • Creating a Legacy Project for the future
  • Reduced costs associated with the landfill
  • Longer landfill lifespan
  • May never need to open a new landfill
  • Streamlined Waste Collection
  • Reduce your cities GHG footprint
  • New capital investment
  • Boost to local contractors for construction
  • Long-term jobs



  • Significant spin off jobs
  • Processing waste locally rather than exporting
  • More effective recycling
  • Attracting new environmental companies
  • Becoming eligible for provincial, federal, and international grants related to green technology
  • Leader in waste management in the world
  • Being globally promoted as a green tech center
  • Attracting international researchers of green technology
  • Sustainable and Profitable

With extra jobs, money, and world-class waste management technology, your city will be distinguished as an environmentally friendly and economically prosperous place to live.